RocksN'Rolln is all about giving you the best personal experience of travelling, without actually travelling. I know, I know, the best part of vacation for some is travelling. But if you have no choice as in won't fly, don't like driving, or just simply don't like crowds of people, this is perfect for you!

We collect minerals such as amethyst, quartz, cool scenery rocks that we cut and polish, as well we offer the minerals for purchasing or you can earn them just by watching videos, playing games or even just clicking on a link, so that while watching the very scenic route you can hold or look at the stone(s) and feel like you're right there by the mountains and areas containing these minerals.

We stop at rest areas however not all of them. A tribute to Terry Fox will be posted, as one of our journeys was to Niagara Falls last year (2020) for my wife and I's 20th anniversary, and on the way back, stopped at the tributary monument located outside of Thunder Bay, Ont. where Terry Fox's incredible journey came to an end. These videos will be posted on YouTube as time goes on and we are able to add to the collection.

We do take in videos of other peoples travels, however only muted videos please and strictly outdoor scenic, clean, non offensive videos. Please watch for glare from the dash and other objects while recording videos, and while on this subject I will take the opportunity to apologize in advance for the beginning first videos not being the most up-to-quality standards. (These will be replaced with updated ones this year) Thanks for respecting the rules of forwarding videos and we hope you enjoy our adventures!

Movies will be added frequently of different adventures including our favorite, Alf Adventures. Please feel free to drop any suggestions through e-mail. Tips and donations are very much welcome, accepted and absolutely appreciated. E-transfer can be made to rocksnrolln21@gmail.com.

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The Official Gemstone of Ontario


Color zoning in amethyst: Amethyst crystals grow slowly, and the composition of the waters from which they grow can change over time. As the composition of the water changes, varying amounts of iron are incorporated into the surface of the crystal. Later, radiation emitted by minerals in the surrounding rock modify the iron to produce the purple color. This can cause the crystal to have zones of different color intensity. Each of these zones records a time interval in the growth of the crystal similar to the growth rings of a tree. The gem in the photo above shows dramatic color zoning. Although this is geologically interesting, the most preferred amethyst gems have a rich, uniform color.



Scientists believe all the gold on Earth formed in supernovae and neutron star collisions that occurred before the solar system formed. In these events, gold formed during the r-process. Gold sank to the Earth's core during the planet's formation. It's only accessible today because of asteroid bombardment.

Sizes of Gold


Flour Gold






Nuggy (From the acclaimed Dan Hurd )



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