Hot Spots Within Canada


You can find placer gold along the North Saskatchewan River below the rapids at Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, extending to approximately 15 miles below Fort Saskatchewan. Check out the inside bends of the Red Deer River below the Joffre bridge in late summer.

Hot Spots in Alberta

Devon (Prospectors Point)


Red Deer River


British Columbia

The following are recreational gold panning reserves that have been set aside for gold panners in the province: Barnes Creek, Cayoosh Creek, Erickson, Coldstream, Hope, Kennedy River, Kettle River, Lytton-Site 1, Lytton-Site 2, Princeton, Spruce Creek, Quesnel-Fraser River, Wild Horse River, and Yaletown.

Hot Spots in B.C

Frasier River

Fraser River


In Manitoba, the most favoured places for the occurrence of gold are the greenstone belts -- areas of metamorphosed Precam- brian volcanic rocks, their sedimentary derivatives, and associated intrusions of diabase and quartz porphyry.

Hot Spots in Manitoba

Thunder Bay



The Ontario Geological Survey reports many places where gold can be found. Recreational prospectors would do well to check out the area around the Lake of the Woods, which is located south of Kenora, Ontario. Also there are lots of streams around Chelmsford, Levak Onaping, and Dowling that are worth a look.

Hot Spots in Ontario

Niagara Falls



Quartz outcrops bearing gold were discovered in eastern Saskatchewan on the northern shore of Amisk Lake, and the SeaBee Mine operates in the area. The La Ronge belt produced gold for several mines including the Box Mine, the Prince Albert Mine and more recently the Jolu, Star Lake and Jasper Mines.

Hot Spots in Saskatchewan



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